Quality Score - The Star Award Explained

It’s obvious, but alongside price, layout and design, quality is a key factor when it comes to choosing a brand new bathroom. However, the fact of the matter is that, here in the UK, we buy a bathroom on average only once every 8 years, so how do we stay ahead of all the latest features and specifications?

At Bathroomcompare.com, we’ve tried to shed light on the many different features and specifications built into today’s bathroom ranges. Working together with the major bathroom retailers and manufacturers, we have identified a total of 8 different features that are worth considering. These features vary widely from the construction material used and glaze quality to the type of toilet seat used and branding of the flush mechanism. There are several different factors to be considered when choosing your bathroom suite and the quality should have a bearing on your decision.

Each bathroom range is then awarded a score based on the criteria set. For example, a bathroom range that carries a 25 year guarantee on the toilet and basin scores 4 points whereas a range that carries a 5 year guarantee scores 2 points. The total scores across all 8 criteria are then added up, verified by the retailers and converted into a score out of 10, which is reflected in the star system underneath.